LantarenVenster Film Theatre

Otto Reuchlinweg 996

Álvaro Siza


Theatre, mixed-use

Transit:  Wilhelminaplein Station

Access:  Hours of Operation


A music venue and film house on the ground floor of the 158-metre residential high-rise showcasing jazz, pop, and singer-songwriters.

The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi)

Museumpark 25

Jo Coenen



Transit:  Eendrachtsplein Station

Access:  Hours of Operation


A museum to examine architecture, urban development and spatial planning the building’s feature is the best preserved examples of the New Movement (NAI Open Model Storage).

Erasmus Bridge


Ben van Berkel



Transit:  Wilhelminaplein Station

Access:  Free


Photo by rucativava


An 89 metre span, this bridge is nicknamed the Swan due to its 139mtre high asymmetrical pylon.

Kunsthal Rotterdam Museum

Westzeedijk 341

Rem Koolhaas



Transit:  Eendrachtsplein Station or Tram

Access:  Hours of Operation


The building is a work of art in itself. A rising ramp runs straight through the building and bridges the height differences between the embankment and the lower-lying park with a second ramp running in the opposite direction.

RDM Campus

Heijplaatsraat 23

PLUS architects


Post-Secondary Institution

Transit: Heijplaat Rdm‎ Ferry

Access: Hours of Operation


Formerly the Rotterdam Drydock Company this area has been transformed into the RDM educational institute.  A very good case study of adaptive-reuse where new and existing remain distinct.


Schouwburgplein 1

West 8


Public Square

Transit:  Stadhuis Station

Access:  Free



Designed for festivals and installations, the flexible use allows the interactive public square to be changed throughout the year and from day to day

Chapel St Mary of the Angels

Nieuwe Crooswijkseweg 123

Mecanoo architecten



Transit:  Crooswijksestraat Tram Station

Access:  Free


The gold ceiling is floating like a piece of fabric above the church which is enclosed by curving organic walls.

Grotekerkplein Rotterdam

Atelier Kempe Thill


Grotekerkplein Sqaure

Urban Podium

Transit:  Blaak Station

Access:  Free


The 40m structure functions as a small theatre pavilion to revitalize an existing public square.

Cube Housing

Overblaak 70

Piet Blom



Transit:  Blaak Station

Access:  Hours of Operation


The design was based on the concept of ‘living as an urban roof’, the hexagon shape represents trees where all together make a forest.

Scheepvaart - Transport College Landmark

Lloydstraat 300

Neutelings Riedijk


Shipping and Transport

Transit:  Coolhaven Station or streetcar

Access:  Limited


The Shipping and Transport College building’s form is the shape of the number 1. It is a prominent landmark on the quay embodying transport and shipping on the harbour.

De Brug

Nassaukade 5

JHK Architecten



Transit:  Roentgenstraat Tram Stop

Access:  Limited Access



The new headquarters was built 26 meters above the old factory, it is 130 meters long and the entire structure was preassembled and transported to its current location by boat.

Wilhelminaplein Subway Station

Wilhelminaplein 50

Zwarts & Jansma Architects


Subway Station

Transit: Wilhelminaplein Station

Access: Open



Wilhelminaplein subway station opened in 1997.  The new luxurious entrance was then opened in 2005 to connect to the Nieuwe Luxor Theater.  This 135 meter long station is the deepest in the Netherlands.

Cinema Schouwburgplein

Schouwburgplein 22

Koen van Velsen



Transit: Stadhuis Station

Access: Hours of Operation


Built with light transmitting panel and a light steel frame the building form opens up at the ground level to Schouwburgplein Plaza – inside is a continuation of this public space.

Opera O.T.

St. Jobsweg 3

Franz Ziegler


Performance Building

Transit: Coolhaven Station

Access: Hours of Operation


Conceptually the idea is clear   ‘a building within a building’.  The existing theatre was to remain clean and uncluttered and a new envelope was introduced to house all the back of house necessities to run a theatre production.

De Kleine Pijler

Spoorweghaven 350

PLUS architects


Elementary School

Transit: Rijnhaven Station

Access: Limited


This elementary school re-examined the traditional methods of school design.

De Bijenkorf

Coolsingel 105



Transit: Beurs Station

Access: Hours of Operation


As busy as the beehive the Bijenkorf is named after, this trendy department store always has new products and international brands in fashion, cosmetics, accessories, home decoration, media and travel.

The Red Apple


Wijnbrugstraat 346

KCAP and Jan des Bouvrie


Residential, Office and Retail

Transit:  Blaak Station

Access:  Limited, Hours of Operation


Photo by William Veerbeek's


The most notable feature if the bright red aluminum façade, this complex houses 231 apartments, office space and retail.


Posthumalaan 90

Erick van Egeraat


Post Secondary School

Transit: Wilhelminaplein Station

Access: Limited


The building form is broken down into distinct volumes which are connected through air-ways and different programs grouped around a large atrium space.  A mix of different glass is the dominant material expressing the open character and maximizing the views inside the building and out..



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