ar·chi·tec·ture·GROUP·IE:  an ardent fan of the celebrity starchitect** who seeks orgasmic pleasure from beautifully planned, designed and constructed buildings, traveling the globe visiting these works of art.


** used to describe architects whose celebrity and critical acclaim have transformed them into idols of the architecture world and may even have given them some degree of fame amongst the general public. (thanks Wikipedia)


our purpose:

architecture GROUPIE is a guide to modern architecture, allowing all of you to visit cool buildings and modern design easily.  This architectural directory is a travel guide indexed by city and organized with photos so you know if you are interested in visiting right away.  architecture GROUPIE gives only the relevant information for your travel experiences so you can create an architectural tour of the modern buildings of your choice.  Visit our blog for more information and resources for architectural travel.



Architecture should be viewed in person, where materials can be felt and the three-dimensional qualities of space understood and appreciated.


you don't need to know everything about architecture - you just need to enjoy it.

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