Architecture Travel: a how to guide provides you a methodology for preparing for travel to ensure you minimize the research time and maximize all the architecture you can visit.  This guide offers you tips on sketching, photography and other means to document each architectural experience you have.  Your travel is not complete because you have returned home, this ebook will also provide post-production tips for your photos and videos as well as many other ways to organize and share your experiences.


What’s Included:


  •     17  architectural travel experiences
  •     nearly 60 examples illustrations
  •     your own architecture address list PDF form
  •     over 150 photographs
  •     dozens of hyperlinks
  •     150 pages of advice and tips in an easy to ready ebook


This guide is a methodology for before, during and after architectural travel which has been perfected over years of travel. Each section topic is edited for a concise overview for you.


Take a Look Inside:





















What you will LEARN:


PART 1: motivation – uncovers the motivation for visiting modern and contemporary architecture


PART 2: preparation – a method of researching and organizing to find and explore many new and exciting architectural projects


PART 3-in situ – examines how to better experience the projects you visit, tips on sketching, photography, film and social media


PART 4-return - Offers you methods to share and organize all your experiences with family and friends




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