The architecture GROUPIE digital maps are easy to use, inexpensive and has all the research done for you.



To be used on your computer, tablet or smartphone


You must be connected to the internet







For use on your smartphone, tablet or computer


Digital map of modern and contemporary architecture not featured in typical travel books


Colour coded recommendations


Integrated Hyperlinks to the information you need


Only the information you need - photo, name, address, architect, year, website link, interesting fact


Tips and recommendations to help you on your travels


Maps developed using MAPBOX


Image based travel guide


Edited information at your finger tips


Digital Maps are updated


architecture GROUPIE recommended MUST SEE projects


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architecture GROUPIE recommended


great projects but a bit out of the way


click to buy


10 dollars each




How will I get access to the digital map after I make my purchase?


You will be mailed a PDF file, the first page will include a hyperlink to the digital map as well as a user name and password.  The user name and password cannot be changed. We recommend allowing internet server save the user name and password so you do not need to keep re-entrying this information.



What else is in the PDF file?


The PDF file also contains instructions on how to use the digital maps, although the architecture GROUPIE Digital maps are fairly intuitive we thought it best to outline the features to ensure you are making the most of your maps.



There is outdated or incorrect information on my map


We do our best to ensure the information is up-to-date and accurate.

If there is a correction required please email us at



I am having technical difficulty


If you have difficulty using our maps please contact us at we will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.






Can I use the Digital maps on more than one device?


Absolutely, our digital maps are hosted on the internet which means you can access them on anything that has an internet connection. Each password can be used on up to 3 devices.



I am looking for a map that is not available


If there is a map you are need please let us know at  and we can tell you if it is coming out soon. This also helps us know which cities are popular and where we should focus.



Are any hard copy maps available?


We studied a variety of methods to create and use maps and found most people preferred the digital maps versus a hard copy map, particularly because of all the hyperlinks available in the digital maps.





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