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architectureGROUPIE is a modern and contemporary architecture travel guide, providing an address list to these modern buildings that are often difficult to find.


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This comprehensive guide can be used on your travel or perhaps in the city you live in.  You can use this to see what new projects have been built or who the architects are of a particular project.  Our collection of resources is useful for any architecture groupie to use and enjoy.  There will be helpful tips and topics discussed in the blog and will connect you to other architecture groupies.



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Our goal is to develop a comprehensive directory of cool buildings around the world, allowing it to be more accessible to the masses so a larger audience can enjoy newer projects more easily and thus more frequently.  This architectural catalog is organized by city and organized with photos rather than by architect.  The images in the city directories will send you to Flickr for a larger catalog of building photographs and links to appropriate websites have been provided so hours of operation and fees can be found.




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The modern architecture featured is chosen because it is modern, open to the public and easy to get to (no point sending you on a wild goose chase - I have been on enough for all of us).  Private houses and projects under construction will not be included in these building directories or projects that are completely closed to public.  This catalog is an edited version so you can make the most out of your time.


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This architectural guide is only a selection and does not necessarily represent all the modern architecture in each city, it is also hard to keep up so if I missed a building let me know, contributions and suggestions are welcomed and much appreciated.

Started by me, Claudia Cozzitorto, when I was an architecture student traveling the world in search of modern and contemporary architecture and ‘cool’ design to learn and be inspired.  Locating this architecture was not easy but managed to compile several architectural catalogs from a variety of sources.   My friends soon caught on and began to use my guides on their travels, people still continue to ask me for my architectural travel guides so I thought this information should be shared with everyone and this modern architecture directory was born.


I am now a licensed architect living in Toronto, Canada and continue to travel the world visiting these modern masterpieces to learn and enjoy.


It is my hope that by developing a guide of modern architecture these projects will become more accessible to a larger audience which will generate a large following of architecture groupies.


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I want to know what you think!

Send comments or suggestions that would make this service better.  Let me know if you have any requested projects, or topics for the blog.

If you have a question I will do my best to answer, I read all emails and will respond as quickly as possible or is you find inaccurate information please let me know.


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Photos contributions are welcomed and very appreciated; you will be credited for the information on the website.


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Travel Curriculum Vitae


2014 – to be determined

2013 – SPAIN - Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Marbella, Cadiz, Seville, Cordoba

2013 – NEW YORK

2012 – NEW YORK

2012 – PHOENIX


2010 – TURKEY – Istanbul, Goreme, Fethiye and Mediterranean coast

2010 – Cross USA drive – Washington State, Montana, Badlands National Park, Chicago

2009 – MIAMI

2009 – CURACAO – throughout the Caribbean island

2008 – CHICAGO

2008 – JAPAN – Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Nikko



2006 – RIVER’S INLET, British Columbia

2006 – PERU – Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Puerto Maldonado

2005 – LAS VEGAS

2004 – EUROPE – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Munich, Lichtenstein, Ronchamp, Basel, Zürich,

                               Lucern, Berlin, Salzburg, Vrin, Prague

2003 - SEATTLE


2003 – ITALY – Rome, Cassino, Amalfi Coast, Naples, Ponza,

2002 – BRITISH COLUMBIA – Vancouver, Osoyoos, Victoria, Whistler

2002 – Cross Canada drive – Northern Ontario, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Kelowna

2001 – COSTA RICA – Liberia, Golfo de Papagayo

2000 – EUROPE – London, Paris, Lyon, Venice, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Bilbao

1994 – SOUTHERN ITALY – Rome, Cosenza



We appreciate your contributions and will make sure you are credited for your photo.



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